Tony G Van Pelt is happily married for 22 years with 3 intelligent children.

Tony has lineage to the 24th US President William McKinley and The Continental Army at Valley Forge with our First President George Washington.

ISSUES/GOALS: (VPC reserves the Right to Update/Revise as appropriate or necessary)

  1. Uphold and Defend ALL of the Bill of Rights.
  2. Remove Congressman Andre Carson and ALL Muslim/Islamic Extremists/Terrorists from the US Congress.
  3. Ensure the Deportation of Illegal Immigrants and Improve the vetting process of ALL immigrants to ensure that NO Extremists/Terrorists enter our Country.
  4. Return the US to the Gold Standard.
  5. Establish a Fund that collects 20% of ALL Foreign Aid to be Given Back Directly to Legal US Citizens through the “Make America Great Again Tax Reform Package of 2020.” Processed as a Credit to ALL US Tax Filers through the Annual Income Tax System. This Package would be funded Solely by money coming in from ALL Foreign Aid Monies; as opposed to using Taxpayers’ money to support the current method of Federal Refunds that is limiting to the Taxpayer and further increases our National Debt. This will allow cash to flow directly into our local economies,  assist Taxpayers in reducing personal debt, and assist them in their Drive to becoming self-sustaining sovereign beings.
  6. Establish and Develop Certified Vocational Training Programs for Released (and soon to be) Felons. Develop Incentives to be given to the former prisoners upon Completion of the Program(s) and for Businesses that 1) Accept the Certifications AND 2) Hire and Employ for a minimum of 3 months.
  7. Establish and Develop a National Citizens’ Self-Defense Program that trains Citizens’ in basic self defense.
  8. Establish and Develop a USA/NRA Gun Safety Training Program for ALL Gun Owners.

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