MASS Worshipers

Our Love, Respect, Gratitude, and Prayers go to ALL Hoosiers, ALL Americans!

Well Hoosiers, we Invited You to Church! Thank You ALL for not just ‘thinking about going’ but You Actually Went! Praise God!

Don’t forget: Make sure, if the church you attended isn’t your home-base church, to FILL OUT THE VISITOR CARD! When it asks how did you hear about them, enter! Be sure to take a picture of yourself at the church you visit. Share It! Email US Here to have your picture posted officially!

We invite you to join U.S. All in MASS! If you would like to invite Tony and I to Your House of Worship, then send your Request to Invite Here! Want to Support MASS? Support Tony and Kristine in this MASS by Purchasing AND Wearing MASS Products Here! Share a picture – please use any of these tags #mass, #faithworks, #indianamatters – with you wearing your MASS product!