Van Pelt for Congress

Congratulations to candidate Tony G Van Pelt running for US Congress – IN District 7! We welcome you and are ready to stand with you and our President in defending the Heart of Indiana, The Heart of America!

We invite everyone to stand with us as Van Pelt for Congress, Tony, and our President fight to Make America Great Again! Are you Ready to take a stand against everything that is not done in the Spirit of Love for America?

Ways to Show Your Love by Supporting and Strengthening the Defense of the Heart of Indiana, The Heart of America  :

  • Contribute Your Money
    1. CrowdPac –
    2. PayPal –

      My Support of Love

      Contributions to Van Pelt for Congress (VPC) are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.


  • Contribute Your Time
    1. Volunteer
  • Contribute Your Voice
    1. Talk to everyone! Share, Post, Tweet!


These are extraordinary times! The Meek are rising to Inherit the Earth! Are you ready?

Much Love, Respect, and Gratitude to you, the United States of America!



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